Q:Who is American Hospital Management Company?

AHMC is an international healthcare company whose focus is on the administration, management, and development of world-class hospitals and healthcare systems around the world. Founded in 1998, AHMC has grown into the leading international hospital management and administration outsourcing company with the global expertise and successful track record worthy of a collaborating partner’s consideration. AHMC is the most experienced hospital administrator, project planner, medical equipment procurer, developer and advisory company in the Global market today. AHMC provides individualized turn-key services and total solutions. Unique to AHMC is the experience and success with Private-Public Hospital Partnerships, new hospital commissioning as well as with academic and teaching hospitals.

Q:What does American Hospital Management Company dedicate to?

The American Hospital Management Company provides turn-key, outsourced administrative and management services to hospitals and health systems. AHMC is the most experienced hospital administrator, project planner, medical equipment procurer, developer and advisory company in the global market today. AHMC provides individual services, turn-key services and total solutions.

Q:Who are American Hospital Management’s clients?

Our clients are international hospitals and medical centers that include:

  • Investors or physicians looking to develop a new hospital project.
  • Private hospital seeking a “turn-key” solution to management, administration, branding and operations.
  • Public hospitals and health systems seeking a Public Private Partnership.
Q:Is American Hospital Management Company interested in administrating public hospitals and hiring with the governments, the provision of these services?

There are currently significant changes internationally as a result of significant reforms to the Social Security, Public and National Health Services. AHMC has partnered and collaborated with local governments and investors to meet these challenges and to provide local solutions. Our work with government sponsored hospitals and health systems is typically in the form of Public Private Partnerships to manage and operate hospitals efficiently to the International Standard of care and service.

Q:How does an outsourcing management contract with AHMC operate?

The American Hospital Management Company provides turn-key, outsourced administrative and management services to hospitals and health systems. AHMC places an experienced executive team at the hospital for full-time, hands on management of the hospital.

Each AHMC affiliated hospital and doctor we work with maintains its own individuality, yet has within its grasp the resources of an international healthcare organization. Our business philosophy and management experience enables us to bring “hands on” global resources locally to work with hospitals and doctors. Whether you are building a new hospital, looking to develop a health plan, increase the hospital census, expand the reach of the market of your hospital or want to bring your hospital to the world market, AHMC is your partner and the total solution.

AHMC places a full-time executive on site, which acts as the General Manager, CEO or Administrator and is the responsible for the day-to-day management and for representing AHMC. This executive is permanently supported by the AHMC Staff and its Strategic Partners.

Q:What difference is there between an outsourced management contract with American Hospital Management Company and a traditional hospital consultancy contract?

The traditional consultancy company offers services such as evaluation, advice and planning. Very often this advice is never implemented or fully acted on. AHMC provides the same consultancy services and then implants the necessary strategic and business changes realizing actual results and improvement over the long-term.

Q:What are the benefits of hiring AHMC for the administration of my hospital or health project?

AHMC is the total solution for hospital owners looking to improve their hospital’s financial performance, quality medical care, patient experience and services, or for investors seeking management and experience to develop a new hospital.

Q:How does AHMC improve an organization’s ability to deliver high quality healthcare?

For every physician and healthcare organization the most important goal is to assure the best possible result of a patient’s care. AHMC recognizes that business systems such as information services, administrative structure, and staffing patterns are key elements of the care process. Our U. S. and global experience enable us to develop these systems within a local context so that they have a favorable impact on the care patients receive. In addition, qualified clients of AHMC have access to the clinical resources of AHMC’s Clinical Alliances with Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians, Harvard Emergency Medicine Consulting Group, Kendall Regional Medical Center and various othes in order to enhance local clinical capabilities and expand physician’s access to world-class Continuing Medical Education.
Improving the organization’s ability to capture patient volume and improve revenue. Almost every market where AHMC works is highly competitive. Attracting new patients directly or through contracts with domestic and international insurance schemes requires a strong image of quality care delivery. But it also requires much more — identification of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the institution; development of strategic plans that overcome the barriers to success and taking advantage of the opportunities identified; and successful implementation of strategic plans once they have been approved by the institution’s Board of Directors. AHMC’s leadership includes experienced, successful, strategic thinkers with the ability to analyze a market situation and recommend business initiatives that will take advantage of the situation.

Improving the organization’s ability to understand and manage its costs and cash flow. Hospitals and other healthcare institutions are extremely complex organizations. Determining the cost of providing services and collecting the revenue associated with those services is rarely easy. Moreover, even the most astute business leaders often find that their efforts to control costs have unpredictable and unsatisfactory results because their information systems do not provide a reliable basis for decision making. AHMC brings to its clients the ability to understand and manage costs, control expenditures, and develop financial plans that will support successful implementation of the business strategy.

Q:Who are AHMC’s Strategic Alliances, and how can my hospital enjoy the benefits offered by these alliances?

When engaging American Hospital Management Company client hospitals receive significant value added services with the ability to participate in all the benefits offered by our strategic alliances.

Q:Where are AHMC’s services offered to hospitals?

American Hospital management is an international hospital management company and works with hospitals globally.

Q:If I am mainly looking for the participation in the investment or the financing of a hospital project, what services can American Hospital Management Company offer me?

American Hospital Management Company does not directly offer financing services for hospital projects. AHMC does have established relationships with banks and other investors that does offer the possibility of providing financing to hospital projects that have a strong local ownership base.

For many investors and financing institutions, AHMC’s participation in the management and administration of hospitals provides an important level of trust in effective management, as well as good procedure, as can be offered by a company specialized in hospital administration internationally, thus making the business more attractive.

Before granting credit for a hospital project, some financial companies require the hiring of professional services as the one offered by American Hospital Management Company.

Q:How can I obtain more information about American Hospital Management Company?

Our executives are willing to solve any concern regarding AHMC’s services and the portfolio of opportunities that we can offer your hospital or health institution. Please Contact Us and let us know how we can be of service.