The existing foundation of hospitals within the AHMC portfolio tells a “good story” as to the value and benefit of AHMC’s services and these operational successes support future sales of management services to additional clients.


Bringing International Medical Care to Narjan, Saudi Arabia

Ten years ago, Mr. Ali Al Qadi had the vision to bring international medical care to the people of Najran.  To fulfill his vision, Mr. Al Qadi engaged American Hospital Management Company (AHMC) to operate and manage Al Qadi Specialty Hospital (AQSH).

AHMC brings American Management Practices and Western standards of care to AQSH.  AHMC was the first and only Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions of Saudi Arabia (CBAHI) accredited hospital management company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In practical terms, what does that mean?

First, it means creating an organizational commitment to creating an environment that fosters an Exceptional Patient Experience.  The patient is the center of all we do at AQSH.  All of us at AQSH focus on treating all patients with courtesy, respect and dignity while providing the right diagnosis and the right treatment at the right time.

To achieve this objective, we built an exceptional team of employees, doctors and nurses to care for the people of Najran.

First we appointed the American Management Team of AQSH that includes:

  • Dr. Brian Gregory, MD, MBA: Chief Medical Officer
  • Pennie Gomez, BSN, RN, CPHQ: Chief Nursing Officer
  • Allen Greenway, MPA: Chief Operating Officer

The Executive Team brings more than 100 years of American and International Hospital Management experience to AQSH.  Saudi Arabian executives complement our American executives to complete the full AQSH Administrative Team.

Second, we searched the globe for the most qualified, best educated, caring medical professionals.  AQSH’s team includes professionals from over 20 countries, all unified in our passionate commitment to an Exceptional Patient Experience and the highest quality medical care possible.

AQSH’s doctors come from America, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Tunisia, Jordan and Egypt.  Our nurses come from America, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Tunisia and Egypt.  Soon, a team of 12 nurses from Europe will be joining the Nursing Team of AQSH as well.  We have selected the very best of the best medical personnel for Najran and AQSH.

In recruiting our medical staff, we took a different approach. We sought to fill the gaps in the medical care of Najran.  A prime example of this is that we saw Najran had a tremendous need for Rheumatology care.  So we employed a full-time Consultant Rheumatologist.

In support of our local medical staff,  AQSH will also be regularly hosting, in the Professor & Consultants Clinic, prestigious Saudi Arabia Professors and Consultants from throughout the Kingdom.   Additionally, AHMC’s team of Senior Consultants from our network of global hospitals will be treating patients in the Visiting Professor & Consultant’s Clinic on a rotating basis as well.

AQSH’sMedical Staff and the Visiting Professor & Consultants Clinic will truly bring international medical care to Najran under AQSH’s vision of One Team, One Goal.

Third, from Day One we implemented Global Best Practices in management, transparency, quality medical care and procedures to ensure patient safety. These Best Practices include:

  • Clinical Governance
  • Fostering an Organizational Culture of Quality, Patient Safety and Accountability
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Balanced Score Cards
  • Monitoring and tracking of Patient Satisfaction
  • Employee engagement, satisfaction and retention
  • Ongoing competency-based evaluations
  • Weekly Continuing Medical Education (CME) of all clinical staff


From the very first day, we began our journey to quickly achieve both CBAHI and Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation for AQSH.  To achieve CBAHI and JCI accreditation requires more than words; it requires real action and effort on a sustained and hospital wide basis.  Attaining these accreditations will validate that AQSH is truly an international hospital providing Global Best Practice medicine.

In support of our skilled Medical Staff, we invested in all new, State-of-the Art Medical Technology to provide our Medical Staff with the best available equipment and tools for diagnosis and treatment.  Unique to AQSH is the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that provides real time patient diagnosis and treatment information to the patient’s care team.  AQSH’s is the first hospital, public or private, in Najran to have successfully deployed and implemented an EMR.

Ten years ago, Mr. Ali Al Qadi had the vision to bring International medical care to Najran, the vision is now a reality at Al Qadi Specialty Hospital.

AHMC and the Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago:

Hospital Metropolitano De Santiago imageAmerican Hospital Management Companywas contracted by Dr. Rafael Sanchez Esponolof Santiago, Dominican Republic to commission and operate the Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago (HOMS) and assumed the administration and operations of the hospital in 2003. HOMS with 400 hospital beds and a 300 suite medical office building, 16 operating theaters is the largest hospital in the Dominican Republic and is considered one of themost advanced medical centers in Latin America.

AHMC developed and implemented the operational plan which included medical equipment planning/installation, general staffing, implementation of policies and procedures and culminated with the hospital’s successful commissioning. AHMC oversaw the facilities transition to operations and assumed responsibility of the hospital’s administration and management/operations. AHMC successfully completed its four year contractual commitments in 2007.

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AHMC Mount Saint John’s Medical Centre, Saint John’s, Antigua, Barbuda:

Since 2006, AHMC finalized construction of the outdated 120-bed hospital, commissioned the building, staffed the hospital of 150 FTE for full operations, and currently manages and operates it at 185 beds.The hospital policies and procedures are all managed by AHMC in accordance with the standards required for The Joint Commission International accreditation.

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Hospital Nacional (Panama City, Panama): 

Increased average occupancy levels from less than 40% to 85% necessitating expansion and increased capacity of the hospital with proportional increase in profitability and cash flow. New profitable services such as MRI, dialysis and expanded cardiac surgery.






La Lima Medical Center (Honduras):

One million dollar financial turn-around in first 2 quarters of operation through operational efficiency with expense and labour reductions. In 2004, 2.5 million remodeling and investment in additional technology. Additional recruitment of 20 physicians to meet growing demand of hospital services.






 Honduras Medical Center (Honduras):

Previously a bankrupt and partially completed hospital until AHMC partnered with original bank that financed the project to retool and open the hospital. After four quarters of operations the hospital is the market leader with more than 50% of private market share and 100 doctors on campus.


Hospital Matilde Brenes (Puerto Rico): Improved a five-year average operating loss to a 1.6 million operating profit. Hospital was ultimately sold for a significant Return on Investment for the ownership group.