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International Fellowship Program

AHMC is currently seeking qualified International Healthcare Administration Fellowship Program candidates with a passion and interest in pursuing an international healthcare career track to fill positions at various hospitals within its global network. All AHMC facilities are privately owned or Public-Private Partnerships. In addition, Fellows will have the opportunity to work in two types of facilities; either new hospitals or established hospitals where AHMC is performing turnarounds.

Candidates must have excellent communication and organization skills, as well as being team oriented. Foreign language skills are a valuable asset evaluated during the screening process.

Through the integrated approach of didactic and hands-on learning, the Fellow will develop a broad understanding of hospital administration and its application in global healthcare.

Current available positions:

After reviewing related Program Overview and addressing all stipulated requirements qualified candidates should forward their CVs through one of the following ways:

E-mail: fellowship@ahmc.us.com


“My experience at AHMC has shown me the importance of cultural competency and the skill of balancing multiple projects. During my time as a Fellow, I have been given the opportunity to review standards of care recognized internationally and tailor them through feasibility studies and training modules to meet the specific needs of individual hospitals. AHMC recognizes the value of their employees by providing room for growth, which was displayed when I was asked to be a part of a variety of team projects where I was able to interact with individuals in all parts of the world. The AHMC team truly believes in their mission to provide management services for hospitals globally to increase health care access and improve quality of care standards.”

— Alya Ibrahim

“My experience as a finance intern at AHMC allowed me to understand the importance of being able to apply knowledge from the classroom to a professional setting. AHMC respects each employee and gives each individual the time, attention and tools required to be successful.  I was given the opportunity to practice and strengthen my skills to create invoices, process payroll, bank reconciliation, and filling out tax forms. From knowing little about day to day accounting duties and software, I was able to smoothly transition into the daily operations of AHMC during the internship and I am proud to have had this great experience.”

–Lu Yu

“My internship with American Hospital Management Company gave me hands-on experience not only in marketing but International business and healthcare.  From my first day I was assisting with drafting proposals, event planning, and sitting in on marketing meetings with the whole team.  I had the opportunity to travel to Dubai for the Arab Health Conference and experience firsthand the challenges and rewards of international marketing. My time as an intern gave me a wealth of knowledge and tools I would not have received from any other company.”

–Tess Bower