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ATS Global

AHMC and ATSGlobal alliance established a framework to engage the healthcare sector in Indonesia to collaborate with potential partners in the development of state-of-the-art facilities that operate at international-level standards of patient safety and quality care. The alliance is focused on identifying stakeholders that share a common vision for global healthcare solutions delivered locally.

ATSGlobal has worked in Indonesia and the SE Asian region for over 30 years at all of the commercial and political sectors.  During that time, ATS has traded various agricultural and manufactured products, negotiated franchises and corporate joint ventures, provided financial advisory, consulting and investment banking services and completed its own direct in-country investments.

The ATS/CastleAsia affiliation is built over 65 years of combined high level experience and expertise in the full spectrum of Indonesian affairs and provides a unique bridge successfully connecting global commercial enterprise with local Indonesian opportunities. ATS has affiliates/representative offices in Jakarta, Singapore, Colombo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Zagreb, Kiev, Zurich, Paris, Montreal, Sao Paul, and Melbourne.